mardi 19 janvier 2016


BONNE ANNÉE 2016 ! Une photo tirée de l'album de Sidney Johnson Miller III, transmise par sa fille: Merci, Marjo !! Le mécanicien vient de mettre ce P-40N sur le nez, lors d'un simple roulage au sol... On remarque le nom "The Rock" faiblement visible sur le capot. Ce P-40N-1 a déjà été aperçu portant le #10, dans l'article sur Bob Gale.
Thanks to Marjorie Warren (Sidney J Miller III's daughter), here is a new picture of P-40N 42-104577, named "The Rock". We had seen that P-40N before, flown by Bob Gale, over the Naga Hills (tail #10) This is his crew chief next to the pranged P-40N, at Lilibari (India) on Nov 9, 1943 and that P-40N was usually flown by Ralph W Thomas.

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  1. I can't believe the detail you find

    1. Thanks, Robin. I'm very happy to finally have been able to make contact with the family of Sidney J Miller III. He flew with the 51stFG before joining the 459thFS "Twin Dragons".