lundi 7 novembre 2016

New 80th FG decals in 1/72 !

Thanks to RISING DECALS, here is a new sheet for your 1/72 P-40Ns !
Includes decals for 7 aircraft: P-40N-5 "White1", s/n 42-2105264, Col. Ivan E. McElroy, the 80th Fighter Group commander (from July 1943 to April 1944) P-40N-1 "White 15", s/n unknown, 1st Lt. Robert Gale, 88th FS, 80th FG, Nagaghuli, Assam, India, Spring 1944 P-40N-1 "White 44", s/n 42104590, "Lulu Belle", 2nd Lt. Philip R. Adair, 89th FS, 80th FG, Nagaghuli, Assam, India, Spring 1944 P-40N-1 "White 55", s/n unknown (210xxx2), 2nd Lt. Herbert H. Doughty, 89th FS, 80th FG, Sadiya, Assam, India, Spring 1944 P-40N-1 "White 60", s/n unknown, "The Rough Cobb", 2nd Lt. Philip R. Adair, 89th FS, 80th FG, Assam, India, 1944 P-40N-5 "White 65", s/n 42105233, "Butter Bean II", Maj. A. L. Evans, 89th FS, 80th FG, Nagaghuli, Assam, India, 1944 P-40N-1 "White 76", s/n unknown, "Shag", 90th FS, 80th FG, Moran, Assam, India, Spring 1944 *** NB:from the images on this blog or on the 80thFG Facebook page, it looks like the new info about #15 is incomplete (white broad stripe under this P-40N "chin") Also, name on P-40N #76 would be "SNAG" rather than "SHAG" ^^
(from a color video)

lundi 15 août 2016

Happy 96th Birthday to Mr Dodd V Shepard !

Sorry for the long silence + lack of updates... Désolé pour le retard dans la mise à jour de ce blog ! Aujourd'hui, un des 2 pilotes survivants (à ma connaissance) du 89th FS fête ses 96 "étés" :)
Bon Anniversaire, Sir !
Thanks to his family for providing a new picture of Dodd sitting in a P-40N in India/Burma. Could be P-40N #62... Sadly, Dodd V Shepard passed away on March, 5, 2017...

mardi 19 janvier 2016


BONNE ANNÉE 2016 ! Une photo tirée de l'album de Sidney Johnson Miller III, transmise par sa fille: Merci, Marjo !! Le mécanicien vient de mettre ce P-40N sur le nez, lors d'un simple roulage au sol... On remarque le nom "The Rock" faiblement visible sur le capot. Ce P-40N-1 a déjà été aperçu portant le #10, dans l'article sur Bob Gale.
Thanks to Marjorie Warren (Sidney J Miller III's daughter), here is a new picture of P-40N 42-104577, named "The Rock". We had seen that P-40N before, flown by Bob Gale, over the Naga Hills (tail #10) This is his crew chief next to the pranged P-40N, at Lilibari (India) on Nov 9, 1943 and that P-40N was usually flown by Ralph W Thomas.