vendredi 24 octobre 2014

Another B&W video

On YouTube, again: On y voit les 8 pilotes de P-40 qui inscrivirent 18 victoires au palmarès du 80th FG,le 27 Mars 1944.
Pilot Lt. Raymond B. Mc Reynolds wrote to his family, on April 5, 1944:"Had to go down to headquarters about two days ago and pose for a movie or newsreel outfit. There was 8-P40 pilots that knocked down 18 Jap planes-in the little scrap we had-so they thought was good enough-to make a complete movie of it-as we were all afternoon-posing for the cockeyed thing. Guess it will take them six months or more before we will get to see what it looks like to be in a movie. Ha ! Some stuff."

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