vendredi 18 juillet 2014

Philip Adair 2nd P-40N "Lulubelle" # 42-105128

Phil Adair's second "Lulubelle" was a P-40N-5. She displayed new wheel-cover discs with a "jap flag sun"+ eight ball. Here is a rare image provided by the Coll family. Philip Coll is standing on the left with 3 other "Burma Banshees", but this is the only evidence (so far) proving that the name appeared on both sides of the fuselage ! (thanks to Lee Coll !)
Le second P-40 du Lt Philip Adair était une version N-5. Les yeux de "Lulubelle"#2 étaient en amande et les flasques de roues avaient reçu une nouvelle déco. Merci à Lee Coll pour cette photo inédite montrant le nom peint sur le côté droit du fuselage, également. Decals from Fundekals:

3 commentaires:

  1. Jean, I wonder if the above Rogers is the pilot Tom Rogers.

    1. I have no idea, Robin...
      Phillip Coll died a couple of years ago, so who knows, now ?

  2. Do you have any more information on Phil Coll? What was did he do? It would be nice to capture a little information about him