mardi 11 février 2014

Number One

Le P-40N-5 (s/n 42-105264) piloté par le Colonel Ivan W. McElroy portait le numéro "1" sur la dérive. Noter l'œil en amande et la bande tricolore de fuselage.
Colonel Ivan W. McElroy's P-40N-5 42-105264 displayed #1 on its tail, a tri-color fuselage band and almond-shaped eyes. Right side pic by William Vandivert/LIFE magazine.
Front view via the Adair "Burma Banshees" website.
Color pics are from the "Talking Proud" webpage, and via Randy Clower.
Col. McElroy was the 80th Fighter Group commander, from July 14, 1943 to April 13, 1944. Another pic from the Adair's website shows another P-40N #1 tail.
One last picture of Lt.Col. McElroy with Grant Mahony (76thFS 23rdFG) next to a captured A6M "Zero" !
(image via the 76thFS website)

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